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Article - Gendered Islam and Modernity in the Nation-Space

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SOC 885
Amina Jamal

thMonday March 26 2012 Article Gendered Islam and Modernity in the NationSpaceArticle Gendered Islam and Modernity in the NationSpace Jamal Amina Gendered Islam and Modernity in the NationSpace Feminist Review Issue 91 February 2009 Key Points from the ArticleIslamic movements in Muslim societies are the catalyst of modernization rather than its interlocutors Responsible for engaging people in political activityWest sees Islamic movements as antimodern forcesMaududi wanted to appropriate modern rationalist thought and Islamize it The modernist wanted to modernize Islam whereas Mawdudi wanted to also Islamize modernityModernity has been associated with secularization as a process of defining the legitimate domain of religion the formulation of subjectivities through individualizing and totalizing discourses the discursive construction of the West and its Others a particular configuration of homogenous emptytime space associated with the nation state and the multiple locations of culture among othersJamaateIslami women describe themselves as modern but take care to distance their modernity from the West they fight for the rights of women but distinguish their activism from feminism Human subjectivities are intersected by a plurality of interests including class race and sexuality and emphasizes the operations of various power relations in representational practicesModern and religious are not necessarily mutually exclusiveAn important achievement of Zonans activism is that it has broken down the secularreligious dichotomy a
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