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Article - Islam, Women and Equality
Article - Islam, Women and Equality

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Ryerson University
SOC 885
Amina Jamal

thMonday March 19 2012 Article Islam Women and EqualityArticle Islam Women and Equality Barlas Asma 2003 Islam Women and Equality Reading the Quran for Liberation Talk Ithaca College March 19 2003 Key Points from the ArticleMuslims dont always practice what the Quran teaches it can be read more than one wayDoesnt believe there is a fixed relationship between gender and readingAim of her book is to recover the scriptural basis of sexual equality in Islam and provide evidence of why Islam is not a patriarchyThe book addresses two main questionsDoes the Quran teach or condone sexual inequality or oppression is the Quran a patriarchal sexist misogynistic text Does the Quran permit and encourage liberation of womenGrew up in Pakistan 98of population is Muslim but most violate what Quran teachesShe did not know Arabic read Quran in EnglishArgued that the sexism and misogyny that are associated with Islam arose from nonQuran sourcesAfter 911 Muslims were seen as the antiChrist and antiSemites Question 1 detailed explanation Does the text represent god as father male or does god have a special relationship with males Does it privileg
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