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Chapter 21

Behavioural Sciences BHS402 Chapter Notes - Chapter 21: Stuttering, Bruxism, Social Stigma

Behavioural Sciences
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Behavioural Sciences BHS402

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BHS402: Habit Reversal Chapter Review
1. What is its purpose?
Used for treating nervous habits, such as tics and stuttering.
2. Where is habit reversal implemented?
It takes place in a therapy session with the client with the habit disorder.
3. Definitions:
- Nervous habits: nail biting, hair pulling, oral habits, thumb sucking, and
- Tics and Tourette’s disorder: motor tics, vocal tics or combination of both.
- Stuttering: repetition of words, syllables, hesitations, etc.
4. At what point does habit behaviour become a habit disorder?
When it occurs excessively and frequently for long periods of time. It may cause
physical damage (to teeth, nails, skin, etc). It also may cause embarrassment and
social stigma.
5. Things to consider when implementing this procedure:
- Treatment sessions (That can be carried out in everyday life)
- Self management procedure is essentially what it is
6. Examples of responses for competing with the habit:
- Motor tics: Try to hold body parts still.
- Vocal tics: Slow your breathing (Breathe in through your nose and out through
your mouth).
- Nail biting/hair pulling: Hold fists down at sides of body or put them in your
- Mouth/lip biting: Holding teeth slightly apart or lightly clenching.
- Stuttering: Find a way to breathe with diaphragm, and exhale before speaking.
7. What are other treatments for habit reversal for behaviours?
- Awareness enhancement on devices
- Response prevention
- DRO (Respond blocking or DRO and response cost)
- Self-administered punishers
- HR plus self-monitoring/Goal setting
- CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy; takes place in hospitals).
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