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Seneca College
Business Administration - Accounting & Financial Planning
Business Administration - Accounting & Financial Planning EAC349

Chapter 4 Designing Documents, Slides and Screens Effective design:  Saves time and money  Reduces liabilities  Groups ideas visually so easier to read  Creates brand promise Think about design at every step:  Planning – skilled readers? Busy ones? Skim through?  Writing – include lists and headings; use visuals (graphs)  Feedback Page Design  Use white space to separate and emphasize points o Make space w/headings/lists, diff. para length (first & last one short); indents/bullets o Lists should be parallel – so can’t have ‘base’ and then ‘questioning’  Headings to group ideas and lead the reader o Specific but detailed enough o Headings at any one level parallel: all nouns or all q’s o Topic/functional headings: describe general topic; good for regular reports o Informative/talking heads: add info and interest; help readers think about issues  Limit all caps words: recognize words by shape which is lost when all caps  Max 2 fonts in a document o Fixed fonts: every letter takes same space – I same as W o Proportional: wider letters take more space o Serif fonts: little extensions from main stroke; sans serif good for titles  Ragged right margin: margins justified only on the left  Important elements in top left and lower right quadrants  Imaginary grid to unify visuals and elements  Moderate highlight, color use and décor When to use visuals  Use visuals only when needed  In rough draft, use them to see the ideas presented (make tables etc.) and find relationships (charts)  In the final presentation, use them to make points vivid, emphasize points that could be skipped in a para and present mate
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