Library and Information Technician LIT104 Chapter Notes -Hate Mail, Motherfucker, Skrillex

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Buddy, look I don't care. I'm just curious how much you bench because I bench 375 and I'm only 17.
What are you? 23 or something? Hah it's funny because you are a weak pathetic piece of shit. My
friends call me Rambo, so you can just call me Rambo.
I'll have you know I passed high school with a 3.0 GPA and I'm now currently in military school. You
probably couldn't even pass the entrance exam to get into it, I'll have you know it requires an 80%
overall average on the exam to even get accepted. The best part is, I got a 90%. You? Absolutely
nothing you worthless piece of shit. Tell me where you live because I'm probably going to be heading
there soon. Just going to warn you I could probably fuck you up in an instant. The fact that I'm 17 and
lift more than you ever can is funny. When I graduate military school I will be serving my country and
making 6 figure income. What will you be making? Less than me just like how you lift less you loser.
If I ever come to where ever you live I'll fuck you up.
Buddy, I go to 2 universities and my life is so much swag and better than yours. Like honestly, I'm
good at everything I do, wrestled for Canada, won many Starcraft 2 tournaments AND I have an
amazing girlfriend that is hot. My girlfriend doesn't look like a man unlike yours. Like, I'm just so
much better than you and I have swag and buddy once I'm done with winning all of these Starcraft 2
tournaments I'm going to be a psychiatrist and will be making 6 figure income, more than you'll ever
make in your life kiddo. It's funny because at the moment my money from Starcraft 2 tournaments is
probably higher than what you have, and here's the best part I didn't even count my sponsorship money.
Like in 10 years you are probably going to be sitting down doing absolutely nothing. Me? I'm going to
be living the swag life unlike you. Like I live for now and strive for the long term at the same AND my
life is still better than yours. Have fun being a gay swagless loser.
Well there you fucking go. You are in such denial for a human being for doing that much. It's amazing
that I play that many games and be good at everything else I do. And that's what I'm saying, I'm like a
god. I'm not human when it comes to doing that much stuff all at once. You would be amazed by how
productive I am and how little time I have because I'm busy. Do you want me to tell you how I'm busy
and productive? I manage so many things in my life it's ridiculous. I don't even understand. Maybe it's
because I'm a fucking god. If I told you how my average day goes you would be full of jealously, but
let me tell how it goes loser. But actually you don't even fucking deserve to talk to me. People don't
even know you. You aren't even known like me. I'm like the fucking queen. When YOU are in my
presence you only talk about me you worthless piece of shit. This all about ME not YOU because you
aren't even fucking KNOWN.
Let's have a social interview with you.
What the fuck do you even do? Oh wait nothing.
Tell me that I am a god at everything I do and that you would love to be in my life and you look up to
me because my life is perfect and if you had my life you would just be the happiest man in the world.
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Which you already have said.
Haha military school, since I was 4 I have been trained by soviet spies, put through torture, shot,
stabbed and anything you can think of so I can withstand pain from any little bitch like you. You think
you're tough? haha good one little dipshit I used to stack bitches like you 9 feet high back in the cold
war. Only a moron like you would think nothing happened in the cold war, because in recorded history
nothing did that's how good I am, the war only ended because of me I took down half of the USA
military but nothing went in history books because recording such atrocities would offend some weak
minded fool like yourself. I was the war and someday this one man army will rain shit on your house
destroying everything you haven't worked for you spoiled little fucker. oooh you can bench 375? that's
pretty good for some wanna-be gangster crackhead because that's all you will ever be, some guy who
thinks he's tough but he's actually not. Just talks but can't walk the walk, i'll rip your dick off any day
you like and spoon feed it to your whole family it will be the only good thing you've ever done for any
poor ghetto piece of shit family like yours.
Why is everybody pissed at me? I thought in the so called perfect America you have freedom of speech
and right to have your own opinion, I just said mine that's it. Also, when did this become about futures?
I am still in HS buddy, and according to statistics such as PISA or OECD Finland's education is among
the best in the world. America is way down on that list. We have free education all the way and it is
really high standard. I will be going to business school next year after I graduate because we don't have
to spend 4 years doing an undergraduate like most american and canadian school's because we learn all
that in high school. I have no doubts that you guys will have a great future. I hope you will. But do not
judge me because you don't know me. I hope you guys understand that I do not need to follow the
mainstream to feel cool. I do not judge other people who does, I just don't understand this kind of
music such as skrillex etc. I firmly believe that the last good car was produced 1967, the last good song
in the sixties and the last decent American president was elected in the sixties. I am just old school. If
you have a problem with that, then that is not my problem. I may have said some bad things in this
conversation but I am certainly not the only one since I have gotten two death threats within the last 24
hours. I am not really worried about that, however I am apologizing for making people mad. I don't
care if you guys accept it or not, that is not my problem, only yours. I liked it. To me it don't matter if
you want to call your self swaggers or classy, I just know that as long as people are social, cool with
everyone, and respect women and their friends and family or any other kind of people will be
successful. As Albert Einstein Said: Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value.
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