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Chapter 8

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ARCH 100
Emma Humphrey

04/11/2014 Chapter 8 Mounds & Maze 8.1 Plant Domestication in Mesoamerica Maize has been traced back to teosinte, wild grass found in highlands of Mexico Teosinte produces two rows of small triangular shaped seeds encased in thick glum. Tehuacan valley valley that shows early evidence of domesticated plants in Mesoamerica Guila Naquiz  5 levels identified into 5 zones Zone A  20 cm thick level dated to a little over 1000 years ago below the zone has levels from B-E Zone B-E consist of levels that are 60 cm thick, over 400 years ago accelerator mass spectrometry radio carbon dating redefined method of radiocarbon dating that makes it possible to date very small samples ie: plant remains Squash  domesticated in Mesoamerica is called Curcubita pep Principles of radio carbon dating ratio between radioactive carbon-14 and stable atom is constant carbon 14 decays at a known rate oldest directed maize found in Guila Naquiz 8.2 Maize Agriculture in American Southwest Cerro Juanaquena 3 circle stones found Late Archaic farmers shifted to village life traced 8km of terrace walls and 100 rock rings Terraces  domestic debris, stone tools, animal bones One terrace had postholes outlining of remains were found arrow heads found  Late Archaic times chenopodium, gourds, grass faunal remains  jackrabbit, cottontail rabbit, mule, deer, antelopes were hunted Optimal foraging theory theory based on assumption that choices people make reflect rational self interest w/ maximizing efficiency when collecting or processing resources Milagro Late Archaic people lived in pit hous
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