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Emma Humphrey

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Chapter 1 NotesPoliticsactivity related to influencing making or implementing collective decisions for a political communityPowerability to achieve an objective by influencing the behavior of others particularly to get them to do what they would have not done otherwisePolitical powerCoercion involves using fear of threats of harmful consequences to achieve outcomeNazis threat to invade CzechoslovakiaInducementsinvolve achieving an outcome by offering a reward or bribePersuasionusing truthful info to encourage people to act in accordance etc manipulation etcLeadership Political Agendaissues that are considered important and given priority in political deliberations3 Faces of power sto1 Faceability to affect decisionsndo2 Faceability to ensure that issues are not raisedrdo3 Faceability to affect the dominant ideas of societyDistribution of Powerunequally distributedthis includes wealth economy social status prestige and etcpolitical institutions may organize and operate in ways that advantage or disadvantage certain groups IE US Senate contains 2 senators elected from each statePositiveNegative sides of powerpower has a
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