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ARCH 252 Egyptian King List

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ARCH 252
Catherine D' Andrea

NAME KINGDOM DYNASTY PREDECESSOR SIGNIFICANCE Narmer Archaic 0 King Scorpion First pharaoh of unified Egypt Djoser Old Kingdom 3 Built first pyramid. Step pyramid. Imhotep was his advisor. Sneferu Old Kingdom 4 Djoser Built 3 pyramids. Used the most stone in monuments amongst all pharaohs. Built bent pyramid. Khufu Old Kingdom 4 Sneferu Built the Great pyramid of giza. Pepi II Old Kingdom 6 Pepi I Came to the throne as a young boy. Menrenre ruled initially because he was so young. Massive expansion of Egypt to Nubia and Palestine. Had the longest reign of all pharaohs Khety III FIP 9-10 Intef II Beats Intef II to create a single ruler of Egypt once again. Leaves instructions fo his son and acknowledges errors in his life. He is the first king to put mistakes in writing. Last great king of Herakleopolis Mentuhotep II Middle 11b Intef III Led expeditions Kingdom to nubia and re- establishes monumental architecture at Dier el Bahri. Amenemhet I Middle 12 Mentuhotep II Forms new Kingdom dynastic line. Military campaigns against Libya and Sinai. Builds series of forts from Semna to Buhen. And Wall of the Prince to protect eastern frontier Senwosret III Middle Amenemhet II Massive irrigation Kingdom projects in Faiyum. Leads several campaing against Nubia. Builds canal that bypasses first cataract and maintained fortresses Hatshepsut New Kingdom
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