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ARCH 383
Dongya Yang

Molecular Bioarchaeology 383 - ch.1 4 types of ancient biological molecules: DNA, Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates 4 categories of macromolecules: nucleic acids (DNA, RNA)- used for: -identification of biological characteristics (e.g. Sex) -DNA from different species can be distinguished (e.g. Identify pathogens in a sample -Identify lineage -RNA is similar but less stable/ less common Proteins: Can be used to: - Identify structure - Identify markers (I.e. Presence of milk residue, hemoglobin in blood, ect...) Lipids (fatty acids): -Used as a species marker because they are very unique/ specific to particular species (e.g. Used to identify a vegetable or meat that was prepared) Carbohydrates: -Used to identify starch in plants, in turn identifying the plant. Stable Isotope Analysis: -Ratios of isotopes in certain elements (mainly carbon and nitrogen) are analyzed in proteins and lipids. -Can be used to differentiate diets (different diets will have differing ratios). "Ancient biomol
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