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Unit 2 Objectives with Answers

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Biological Sciences
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BISC 101
Derek Bingham

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Unit 2Atoms and Molecules1Four Most Common Elements Found in the Human BodyChemical Elementof Body Mass Biological Importance Major component of organic and inorganic moleculesInorganic molecules with oxygen 65 contain water used as a solvent in Oxygen O all body and cellular fluids and oxygen gas O required by cells to 2produce cellular energy The major component of organic 18 molecules including sugars fats Carbon C nucleic acids DNA RNA Constituent of water and most 95 organic molecules Influences the Hydrogen H acidity of body fluids Component of all protein and 32 Nitrogen N nucleic acid molecules 96 other 4miscellaneous elementsObjective 1Define chemical element specify the namesymbol for the four most common chemical elements in the body and describe the importance of eachChemical elementpure substance that cant be broke down any further by chemical meansOxygenMajor component of both organic and inorganic moleculesOrganic moleculescarbon containing molecules synthesi
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