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Biological Sciences
BISC 110
Kevin Lam

Week 2 NotesConcept 12The Three Domains of LifeTaxonomy the branch of biology that names and classifies speciesThe three domains of life are Bacteria Archaea and EukaryaBacteria and ArchaeaprokaryoticProkaryoticmost are singlecelled and microscopicEukaryotesorganisms with eukaryotic cellsThis domain includes three kingdoms of multicellular eukaryotes Kingdoms Plantae Fungi and AnimaliaModes of nutrition1Plants produce their own sugars and other food molecules by photosynthesis2Fungi absorb dissolved nutrients from surroundings many decompose dead organisms and organic wastes 3Animals obtain food by ingestion eating and digesting other organismsProtistssinglecelled eukaryotesTheory of Natural SelectionDescent with modificationcontemporary species arose from a succession of ancestorsNatural selectionmechanism for descent with modification1 Individuals in population vaary in traits many heritable2 Population can produce far more offspring than can survive to produce offspring of their own3 Species generally suit their environments adaptEvolution occurs as the unequal reproductive success of individuals ultimately leads to adaptation to their environment as long as environment stays the sameEvolutionary adaptationnatural selectionBecause natural environment selects for propagation of certain traits among naturally occurring variant traits in the populationCommon ancestorancestral species give rise to two or more descendant speciesOne species could gradually radiate into multiple species as the geographically isolated populations adapted over many generations to different sets of environmental factorsConcept 253The First SingleCelled Organismsoxygen RevolutionStromatolites Layered rocks that form when certain prokaryotes bind thin films of sediment togetherGeological record of Earths history is split into three eonsArchaean Proterozoic and PhanerozoicPhanerozoic eon when most animals existed is divided into three erasPaleozoic Mesozoic and CenozoicOxygenic photosynthesis first evolvedFree O that was produced was dissolved in water until it reached a high enough concentration to 2react with dissolved ironPrecipitated as iron oxide which accumulated as sedimentsCompressed into banded iron formations
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