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Biological Sciences
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Timothy Swartz

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7DNA Structure and Replication WORKING WITH THE FIGURES1 I n T a b l e 71w h y a r e t h e r e n o e n t r i e s f or the first four tissue sources For the last three entries what is the most likely explanation for the slight differences in the composition of human DNA from the three tissue sources A n s w e rT h e f i r s t f o u r a r e s i n g l ec e l l e dorganisms therefore a tissue category does not applyThe differences in the values are most likely attributable to experimental error 2 I n F i g u r e 77d o y o u r e c o g n i z e a n y o fthe components used to make Watson and Cricks DNA model Where have you seen them beforeA n s w e rW a t s o n a n d C r i c k m a d e u s e o f molecular models ring stands and clamps typically found in a chemistry lab The vertically oriented pentagons are the deoxyribose components of DNA These are components of the two sugarphosphate backbones of the DNA structure one behind James Watson and the other just to the left of Francis Crick Nitrogenous bases oriented horizontally are held in place in between the two backbones by clamps3Referring to Figure 720 answer the following questionsa What is the DNA polymerase I enzyme doingb What other proteins are required for the DNA polymerase III on the left to continue synthesizing DNAc What other proteins are required for the DNA polymerase III on the right to continue synthesizing DNA Answer a PolI is removing ribonucleotide primers and filling gaps between Okazakifragmentsbclamp and helicasec clamp helicase primase and ssb
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