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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 110
Leah Esplen

Study Questions With Answers For Nutrition 3eChapter 11What are the main factors that influence our food choicesSensory cognitive and cultural 2How do our health beliefs affect our food choicesHealth beliefs are characterized by an individuals perception that he or she is susceptible to a disease and if so that action can be taken to prevent or delay its onset People who feel susceptible to a disease are more likely to heed recommendations based on information about the links between dietary choices and the risk of that disease They see that dietary changes may lead to positive results3List the six classes of nutrientsCarbohydrate protein fat vitamins minerals and water4List the 13 vitaminsFatsoluble vitamin A vitamin D vitamin E and vitamin KWatersoluble thiamin B riboflavin B niacin B pyridoxine B cobalamin 1236B folate pantothenic acid biotin and vitamin C125What determines whether a mineral is a macromineral or a micro trace mineralMacrominerals are found in and used by the body in the largest amounts Microminerals are found in and used by the body in smaller amounts6How many kilocalories are in 1 gram of carbohydrate of protein and of fatCarbohydrates have 4 kilocalories per gram proteins have 4 kilocalories per gram and fats have 9 kilocalories per gram17What is an epidemiological studyAn epidemiological study observes and compares how disease rates vary among different population groups and identifies conditions related to diseases or conditions within the populations This enables researchers to identify associations between factors within the population and the particular disease being studied8What is the difference between an experimental group and a control groupSubjects in the experimental group experience an intervention while subjects in a control group have similar characteristics and are not treated Specific elements of health or disease are measured and compared between the two groups9What is a placeboA placebo is an imitation treatment such as a sugar pill that looks the same as the experimental treatment such as a sugar pill but has no effect The placebo is important for reducing bias because subjects do not know if they are receiving the intervention and are less inclined to alter their responses or reported symptoms based on what they think should happen Chapter 21Define undernutrition and overnutrition Undernutrition is poor health resulting from the depletion of nutrients due to inadequate nutrient intake over time It is most often associated with poverty alcoholism and some types of eating disorders 2The most common type of overnutrition in the United States is due to the regular consumption of excess calories fats saturated fats and cholesterol 2 What is the purpose of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans List the nine focus areas of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for AmericansThe purpose of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is to provide sciencebased advice to promote health and to reduce risk for chronic diseases through diet and physical activity The nine focus areas areAdequate nutrients within calorie needsWeight managementPhysical activityFood groups to encourageFatsCarbohydratesSodium and potassiumAlcoholic beveragesFood safety3 What are the recommended amounts for each of the food groups of MyPyramid for a 2000calorie diet Grains 6 ounceequivalents half should be whole grainsVegetable group 2cupsFruits 2 cupsMilk 3 cupsMeat and beans 5ounceequivalents3
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