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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
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Chapter 2 Chapter 2Defining Psychosocial Health Psychosocial Health encompasses the mental emotional social and spiritual dimensions of health Psychosocial health is the result of a complex interaction of a persons history and his or her conscious and unconscious These people share several basic characteristics o The feel good about themselves o They feel comfortable with other people o They control tension and anxiety o They are able to meet the demands of life o They curb hate and guilt o They choose a positive outlook o They enrich the lives of others o They cherish the things that make them smile o They value diversityo They appreciate and respect nature o Emotional Healthfeeling o Social HealthRelating o Mental HealthThinking o Spiritual HealthBeingMental HealthThinking The term mental health is used to describe the thinking or rational part of psychosocial health It describes your ability to perceive things happening around you in realistic ways to use reasoning in problem solving to interpret what is happening and to evaluate your situation effectively and react appropriatelyA person who is mentally healthy enjoys life the environment and the people in it Such people tend to be creative to learn to try new things and to take risks They cope well in personal and professional situations of stress They feel sad and angry when faced with the death of a loved one a job loss or relationship problems and other difficult events but in time with rational thinking and effective communication are able to move forward and enjoy life againWhen a persons mental health deteriorates he or she may experience sharp declines in rational thinking and increasingly distorted perceptions As a result a person may become cynical and distrustful experience volatile mood swings or choose to be isolated from others Emotional healthfeeling Page 1
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