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Chapter 16

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
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Chapter 16 Chapter 16KIN 140 Mental Changes Intelligence Stereotypes concerning inevitable intellectual decline among the elderly have been largely refuted Researchers have also determined that what many elderly people lack in speed of learning they make up for in practical knowledgethat is the wisdom of experience Memory Research indicates that although shortterm memory may fluctuate on a daily basis the ability to remember events from past decades remains largely unchangedAdaptability Having lived through a multitude of experiences and faced diverse joys sorrows and obstacles the typical older person has developed unique methods of coping These unique adaptive variations make for interesting differences in how the elderly confront the many changes brought on by the aging process Thus as a group older Canadian are heterogeneousDementia Over the years older people have often been the victims of ageist attitudes Today scientists recognize that these same symptoms can occur at any age a
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