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Chapter 3

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 142
Tony Leyland

WEEK 2CH 3Physical anthropologystudy related to biological growth and development The meaningful understanding of the nature distribution and significance of biological variation in humansAnthropometryscience branch concerned w biological growth and body measurementGrowth curvepattern of physical change in individuals or groupsDistance curve height vs time yearsVelocity curve growth rate vs time yearsPubertyPeriod of the pubescent growth spurt Stage where individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproductionPubescent growth spurtlandmark in physical growth in regard to sex differences and motor performance Controlled by genetic factors and hormonesSex hormones produced androgens estrogens Females only produce progesterone Androgens and estrogens interact with growth hormone GH to start developmental changesMales produce more androgens females more estrogensMenarcheFemales first menstrual flow Average age is 125 96 betw 11 and 15 when height has peakedPhysiquea composite of body proportion relationships and body composition characteristicsSomatotypeMidgrowth spurtsmall growth spurt around age 7Ossificationtransformation of cartilage to true boneOsteoporosisloss of bone material to the point where bones have trouble supporting bodyBody massChronological ageregular age relative to days aliveBiological ageusing estimates of morphological age dental age sexual age and skeletal ageMorphological age height
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