Lab 10 Review Q's - Determination of Maximum Oxygen Uptake
Lab 10 Review Q's - Determination of Maximum Oxygen Uptake

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Simon Fraser University
Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 142
Craig Asmundson

LAB 10DETERMINATION OF MAXIMUM OXYGEN UPTAKEYou have been asked to set up a lab for testing maximum oxygen consumption Itemize all of the equipment that you will need Bicycle ergometer twoway valve meteorological balloons nose clip disinfecting solution for the mouth piece heart rate monitor oxygen analyzer ventilation meter carbon dioxide analyzer scale stopwatch respiratory valve plus mouthpiece calibration gases for gas analyzers mercury barometer In the maximum oxygen uptake test what is the purpose of measuring barometric pressure and gas temperature Respired saturated gas and volume are measured at ambient temperature and will need to be corrected to body temperature and pressure saturated BTPS in order to be correct To apply the correction factor we must first know the actual ambient temperature and pressure which we measured with a thermometer and barometerWhat is the partial
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