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BPK 143 Chapter Notes -Cushioning, Blind Experiment

Biomedical Physio & Kines
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BPK 143
Tony Leyland

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1. What is the difference between infectious and chronic diseases? Which are more
prevalent today?
Infections disease is communicable between individuals, and is caused
by bacteria or virus. Chronic diseases develop over a long amount of
time and are caused by a variety of factors. Since medicine has
advanced so well, infectious diseases are on a decline, and chronic
diseases are more prevalent today
2. Physical activity can reduce the risk of an individual developing many diseases.
Name four such diseases.
Heart Disease
3. Describe the important steps in developing a fitness plan.
Setting goals
Select activities
Assess FITT
Set mini goals and rewards
Include a physically active lifestyle
Develop measuring tools
Make a commitment
4. Describe four factors you should be aware of regarding the fit of a pair of running
Height of foot arch in the shoe compared to your own foot arch
Size of toe box
Shoe type (for tennis or running in general?) including width
Fit of heels. Do they rise up when you walk?
Any pressure points?
5. Describe clothing and safety recommendations for people who cycle to work.
No loose pants where they can get caught
Wear a helmet at all times
Light colored clothing so you are easier to see
Ride defensively
Obey traffic rules
Use hand signals
Maintain your bike well
See appendix page A-2 in the textbook.
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