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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 143
Tony Leyland

Kin 143Unit 4 Study Questions1What is the most important variable in determining which energy system is being used Why Intensity Power outputPower output is the rate at which energy is being used The speed at which you use energy will determine which energy system is used2What is the immediate energy source for muscle contraction ATP3Compare and contrast the aerobic and anaerobic breakdown of muscle glycogen Include as much detail as possible in your answer Anaerobic ATPCP system1ATP immediately broken into ADP and Pi and energy2CP broken into CPienergy That energy is used to resynthesize ATP3Theres more CP than ATP in body so amt of CP limits this systems ability to keep up the exerciseAnaerobic Lactic Acid System1Glycolysis breaks glucose into 2 pyruvic acid which produces 2 or 3 ATP 2 if its straight from glucose 3 if from glycogen bc a chemical rxn is bypassed2the 2 pyruvic acid molecs are converted into 2 lactic acid molecs3Build up of lactic acid changes pH in muscle so this limits this syst
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