BPK 143 Chapter Notes -Lactic Acid, Glycogen, Skeletal Muscle

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Kin 143 – Unit 4 Study Questions
1. What is the most important variable in determining which energy system is being
used? Why?
Intensity (Power output)
Power output is the rate at which energy is being used. The speed at which
you use energy will determine which energy system is used
2. What is the immediate energy source for muscle contraction?
3. Compare and contrast the aerobic and anaerobic breakdown of muscle glycogen.
Include as much detail as possible in your answer.
Anaerobic: ATP-CP system
1. ATP immediately broken into ADP and Pi and energy
2. CP broken into C + Pi + energy. That energy is used to
resynthesize ATP
3. There’s more CP than ATP in body so amt. of CP limits this
system’s ability to keep up the exercise
Anaerobic: Lactic Acid System
1. Glycolysis breaks glucose into 2 pyruvic acid, which produces 2 or
3 ATP. 2 if it’s straight from glucose; 3 if from glycogen b/c a
chemical rxn is bypassed
2. the 2 pyruvic acid molecs are converted into 2 lactic acid molecs.
3. Build up of lactic acid changes pH in muscle so this limits this
Aerobic Energy System
1. Glycolysis breaks glucose into 2 pyruvic acid; produces 2 or 3
2. Pyruvic Acid converted to Acetyl CoA, and transported to
3. Krebs Cycle: Hydrogen ions produced by removing electrons from
carbon atoms, which produces CO2 and water.
4. ETC: Hydrogen ions and electrons pass through ETC producing
ATP. Electrons and Hydrogen ions combine with O2 to produce
water. AKA Oxidative phosphorylation
4. Search some coaching books, the Web, or other information sources to find a
time-intensity motion study for a sport other than soccer. What is the predominant
energy system or systems used by athletes in these sports? Justify your answer.
5. How can one determine which energy systems predominate in any sport or
Observe the activity of the athletes. Short bursts? Sustained maximal
effort? Sustained moderate joggin?
6. What are the five predominant areas of the energy continuum discussed in the
Study Guide? Give the approximate duration of these areas, and name one event
or sport that relies heavily on this area.
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