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BPK 143 Chapter Notes -Motor Unit, Osteoporosis, Myocyte

Biomedical Physio & Kines
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BPK 143
Tony Leyland

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KIN 143 UNIT 5
Study Questions
1. Describe the four basic principles that should be adhered to if a person wishes to
obtain optimal benefits from a weight-training program.
1. Overload Principle
2. Principle of Progressive Resistance (2 for 2 rule)
3. Principle of Arrangement of Exercises (Larger muscles first)
4. Principle of Specificity
2. Compare advantages and disadvantages of isometric and isotonic strength
1. Isometric:
1. advantages:
1. For injury recovery
2. Strengthening muscle at a certain point of the ROM
2. disadvantages:
1. Does not improve movement that helps with sports
2. Strength gain only limited to that point in the ROM
3. Can increase blood pressure and cause extra work for heart
4. Does not make you powerful
2. Isotonic:
1. Advantages:
1. Will increase power
2. Natural movements we use everyday
3. Will improve athleticism
4. Improve ability to balance free weights
2. Disadvantages:
1. Does not exercise evenly throughout the ROM
2. Easier once the weight is accelerated
3. Less safe
3. Why is the average man stronger than the average woman, even when this
strength is expressed as a ratio of weight lifted to body weight?
1. Men have higher levels of testosterone so they put on more muscle mass
when they weight train. Testosterone also gives men a greater percentage
of muscle mass than women.
4. Distinguish between muscular strength and muscular endurance.
1. Strength:
1. How much force can be exerted in one instance?
2. Endurance:
1. How long can you continue exerting a given force?
5. Describe the mechanisms that a muscle uses to vary the force of a muscle
contraction from slight to maximal.
1. Muscles use motor units to exert force. One motor unit has a nerve that
controls a given number of muscle fibers. Firing more motor units will
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