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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 143
Tony Leyland

Study Questions1Find a resource book magazine or web site on plyometric training Describe three exercises that could be used to improve an athletes powerful change of direction an attribute essential in sports like football ice hockey and soccer1zig zags over cones where you plant your outside foot2Jumping up onto a box and jumping off Dampen your landing3Small lateral jumps side to side2Briefly explain what we mean by the stretchshortening cycle What type of training focuses on eliciting a stretchshortening cycle 1Stretchshortening cycle when a muscle is forced to contract eccentrically just prior to concentrically This gives you more force speed and power2Plyometric training focuses on this3a If you got up from your seat and sprinted for 400 meters what would be the predominant energy system and the predominant fuel that you would use Explain 1Energy system anaerobic lactic acid system2Fuel ATP made from glucose through glycolysisb At the end of a 400meter sprint your legs would feel heavy and you would generally feel unpleasant Explain why How could you recover
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