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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 143
Tony Leyland

Study QuestionsSome of these questions pertain to information presented in earlier units as well as Unit 9 Other questions on this general topic appear in Unit 10 since there is an obvious overlap in these units1What pattern of fat distribution is a health risk and what fat distribution is not associated with health risks Which individuals are more likely to have either of these two types of distributionsAndroid obesity is more associated with health risks around the abdominal area Men are more likely to have this distribution women are most likely to have gynoid obesity2A friend is going to a fitness facility to have her percentage body fat estimated What information do you think would be useful to herBody weightHeightWaist girth to hip ratioSkin fold measurements3Define the terms obesity and fatfree weightObesity severely overweight due to being overfat May also be defined in terms of some measure of total body weightFatfree weight weight composed of muscle bone water and any substance that is not fat4What is the difference between essential fat and storage fat Explain the sex differenc
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