Nutrition unit study questions

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 143
Tony Leyland

Study Questions1What are the basics of a sensible diet1High in complex carbohydrates2Eat a variety of foods3Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables4Reduce consumption of trans and saturated fats5Reduce consumption of red meats6Drink plenty of fluids7Reduce simple sugar intake8Eat whole grains over refined products9Reduce consumption of processed products which contain high levels of salt2Complex carbohydrates are not good for you anymore Discuss this statement1False complex carbs are associated with improved health and reduced risk of CVD diabetes and cancer3Discuss the factors that contribute to high body weight being linked with health problems 1High body weight individuals often are associated with1Poor diets2Physical inactivity3High blood pressure4Yo yo diets4Is body composition a component of fitness Discuss1According to many it is but I believe that there can be physically
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