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BPK 143 Chapter Notes -Monosaccharide, Hypertension, Heart Valve

Biomedical Physio & Kines
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BPK 143
Tony Leyland

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Study Questions
1. What are the basics of a sensible diet?
1. High in complex carbohydrates
2. Eat a variety of foods
3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
4. Reduce consumption of trans and saturated fats
5. Reduce consumption of red meats
6. Drink plenty of fluids
7. Reduce simple sugar intake
8. Eat whole grains over refined products
9. Reduce consumption of processed products which contain high levels of
2. "Complex carbohydrates are not good for you anymore." Discuss this statement.
1. False, complex carbs are associated with improved health, and reduced
risk of CVD, diabetes, and cancer.
3. Discuss the factors that contribute to high body weight being linked with health
1. High body weight individuals often are associated with:
1. Poor diets
2. Physical inactivity
3. High blood pressure
4. Yo yo diets
4. Is body composition a component of fitness? Discuss.
1. According to many it is, but I believe that there can be physically fit
people who may be defined as overfat. If they are decently active, then
they can improve their health levels greatly despite being overfat. Also
there are some people who may appear fat, but are able to play sports and
are physically capable of doing athletic feats
5. Discuss the problems with yo-yo dieting and frequent weight cycling.
1. Some studies show increase mortality rate, but others don’t
2. There is risk of a rebound to a higher weight that would increase blood
6. What advice would you give someone planning to use diet pills as a weight loss
1. Some weight loss drugs have been removed for causing heart valve
2. By the time you factor in the risks of the pills, the correlation of obesity
and heart disease would be weaker. This is b/c obese people are most
likely to take these pills
7. What problems does Unit 10 discuss regarding the reporting of research on body
composition as a health concern?
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