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Biomedical Physio & Kines
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Study QuestionsAs with many of the questions in the later topics some answers will require you to call on information from previous chapters and lecture notes1Describe two factors that determine the percentage participation of fats versus carbohydrates in energy metabolism during exercise Duration greater durationgreater percentage of fat energy metabolismIntensity greater intensitygreater percentage of carb energy metabolism2Describe the advice that you would give to a marathon runner in regards to the following dietary procedures Eating a chocolate bar 30 minutes before the race1Glycemic index is high It will induce a great insulin release that will continue to invoke glucose storage as glycogen even when the race starts lowering blood glucose levels further This will lead to early fatigueIngesting glucose during the race1Take sports drinks that are less than 10 concn of glucose for events lasting longer than 1 hr at 60 VO2 max or greater The low glucose concn will help your body absorb the fluids to prevent dehydration The glucose will help replace electrolytes3Explain how diet can affect athletic performance Be specific
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