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Biomedical Physio & Kines
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BPK 143
Tony Leyland

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1What is eustress1Positive effects of stress You grow stronger and become less vulnerable to illness or injury2Explain why stress is essential to your health1Without any stress you would be bored into clinical depression We need stress to challenge ourselves and accomplish things3Discuss the current state of knowledge regarding exercise and longevity1It is difficult to gage it because those who exercise regularly are less likely to smoke There are other factors not accounted for2It is accepted that exercise extends life by about 13 years3Exercise improves the quality of life4Describe how a regular physical activity program may slow down the negative effects of aging You may need to look back at a few other units to answer this question more comprehensively 1Physical activity will increase bone density This will reduce the problems such as osteoporosis that occur when the individual ages2As you age muscle deteriorates causing a great loss of strength Building muscle before you age can greatly reduce this loss of strength3Your heart will be larger and stronger reducing the chances of heart failure or Cardiovascular disease later in life4Helps decrease chances of obesity which some argue is related to premature death heart failure and cardiovascular disease5Decreas
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