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Chapter 1-6

ch. 1-6 practice exam questions

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 205
Parveen Bawa

Chapters 16 Practice Questions1How is the body temperature maintained at 37 deg C after you swallow a glass of very cold waterCan the same mechanism maintain the body temperature when you are dropped in the Arctic in December total one page with a figure 15 minutesThe body maintains its 37 deg C temperature by countering the loss of heat instigated by the cold water Nerves in the skin send signals to the hypothalamus in the brain that senses the loss in body heat This triggers the release of signals of both the endocrine and nervous systems that start heat preserving actions These actions may include reduced sweating teeth chattering shivering blood flow distribution concentrated more at the core of the body rather than skin This system is called a negative feedback system There is a stimulus the cold water that causes a change in temperature that is sensed by a sensor nerves This triggers an input signal that travels to an integrating center hypothalamus via the afferent pathway The integrating center triggers multiple signals that travel via the efferent pathway to different targetseffectors blood vessels sweat glands muscles The targets then initiate an appropriate response core blood vessel dilation blood vessel constriction near skin surface reduced sweat sh
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