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Chapter 9

Practice exam questions ch. 9 and 10a

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 205
Parveen Bawa

38 Draw and label gross structure of the central nervous system 10 minutes39 Draw and label the three separate sections of the spinal grey matter and spinal white matterWhat is contained in the grey matter and what lies in the white matterWhy does the spinal cord look whiteName the neurons whose cell bodies lie in the dorsal columns1 page with a figureWhite matter consists of axons carrying messages either from spinal cord to higher centres ascending tracts or from higher centres to the spinal cord descending tracts No cell bodies in spinalwhite matterGrey matter consists of cell bodies of neurons synapses and short axonsWhite matter is on the outside enclosing the spinal cord so it looks whiteNeurons whose cell bodies lie in the dorsal columns are neurons that receive action potentials from the Peripheral Nervous System They receive information from other parts of the body arms legs etc40 Draw different sections of the brain stem What are the functions of each section Where do basal ganglia lieWhat leads to Parkinsonism 12 pages with a figureMedullaNetworks for automatic fxns respiration cardiovascular system swallowing vomiting etcAscending and descending tracts sends info up to cortex thalamus or down to spinal cordAn important landmark called pyramidsa crossover region for the two corticospinal tractsPonsSome neurons for respirationRelay station for pathways between cortex and cerebellumMidbrainMesencephalonNetworks for eye movements and hearingBasal Ganglia is in the white matter of the cerebral cortex on both sides of the thalamusLoss of dopaminergic neuronsdysfunction to basal ganglia leads to Parkinsonism difficulty carrying out movements Dopamine and GABA are transmitters used by basal ganglia In Parkinsonism cells containing Dopamine die
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