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Textbook Notes for Biomedical Physio & Kines at Simon Fraser University (SFU)

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SFUBPK 105Ryan DillFall

Kin 105 Distance Ed Chapter Notes

OC2074491 Page
20 Nov 2012
The scientific discipline that investigates the structure of the body. Dissect, or cut apart and separate, the parts of the body for study. Within each
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SFUBPK 311Amandio VieiraFall

KIN 311 Textbook notes: Detailed notes from an expensive textbook with very detailed information; these notes summarize the important parts and can save you $250 instead of buying the text, used these notes and got an A

OC2717940 Page
29 Nov 2011
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SFUBPK 461Peter PretoriusFall

KIN 461 Textbook Notes: Thorough notes from textbook that is extremely difficult to read, this is a much simpler summary that has all necessary information

OC2717923 Page
30 Nov 2011
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SFUBPK 142Craig AsmundsonFall

Lab 10 Review Q's - Determination of Maximum Oxygen Uptake

OC100322 Page
14 Dec 2011
Lab #10 determination of maximum oxygen uptake. You have been asked to set up a lab for testing maximum oxygen consumption. Itemize all of the equipmen
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SFUBPK 143Tony LeylandFall

BPK 143 Chapter Notes -Shoulder Joint, Exercise Intensity, Myocyte

OC7932514 Page
9 Oct 2013
Chapt er 1: introduction to fitness and developing a basic fitness plan: what are the basic differences between health, complete the following relation
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SFUBPK 143Tony LeylandFall

BPK 143 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-6: Shoulder Joint, Hip, Gluteus Maximus Muscle

OC130807016 Page
10 Nov 2016
Chronic means it"s within a body and not communicable: describe the components of physical fitness. I argued that separation of components into health-
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SFUBPK 142Craig AsmundsonFall

Lab 11 Review Q's - Nervous System, Reflex Actions, Motor Learning

OC100324 Page
16 Dec 2011
Lab #11 nervous system anatomy, reflex actions, and motor learning. Briefly describe the muscle groups innervated by each of the somatic nerves listed:
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SFUBPK 142Craig AsmundsonFall

Lab Review Q's - Cardiovascular Responses to Submaximal Exercise

OC100324 Page
14 Dec 2011
Lab #9 cardiovascular responses to submaximal exercise. Describe the step-by-step procedure for measuring blood pressure. Measured using a sphygmomanom
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SFUBPK 312Leah EsplenSummer

KIN 312 Chapter 1-12: Full Study Questions

OC15529968 Page
5 Jul 2015
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SFUBPK 140Stephen BrownWinter

BPK 140 Chapter 1-12: Course-Notes

OC462896135 Page
19 Sep 2016
Bpk 140 chapter 1: the concept of health. 2: chronic obstr u c tiv e pulmo n a r y. 4. dise a s e lower respir a t o r y infection s lung canc e r: aid
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SFUBPK 143Tony LeylandFall

BPK 143 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Body Fat Percentage, Fad Diet, Blood Sugar

OC8442815 Page
2 Mar 2013
Weight loss as the holy grail of the fitness industry. The ideal physique is different for each individual. Losing weight is non-specific and is not a
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SFUBPK 140Distance EducationSummer

BPK 140 Chapter Notes -Prostate, Seminal Vesicle

OC1029866 Page
20 Oct 2011
Before late 1800s, people viewed health simply as the absence of sickness. Researchers found microorganisms in contaminated water, air, and human waste
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