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Chapter 1

BUS 237 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Computer Hardware, Information System

Business Administration
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BUS 237

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BUS 237 Chapter 1 Notes
Information system
Definition: 5 components that interact with each other to produce information
o Five-component framework: computer hardware, software, data, procedure,
and people that brings people and info together
Software refers only to programs (applications)
People are often the most important part of an info system, info systems are not just
computers and data
o Often when we give different people the same system, they would use it differently
Computer based info system: when a info system must include computers
Management information system (MIS)
The development and use of info systems that help businesses achieve their goals
Development and Use of info system
o Info system must be constructed but who constructed them?
o What roles will the people who will use it play in its development?
o We needs to take active roles in the system development to meet our needs
o We also play important roles in the use of info system to achieve our goals
o We are concerned with the security, back up and restore of the system
Achieving business goals and objectives
o Business itself is not alive, so we need people to operate it the system
o Company can be more “modern” and “new economic” through system use
o What is the purpose of the website/system?
o What is going to do for us?
o Are the cost of the website sufficiently offset by the benefits?
The difference between IT and IS
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