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Chapter 10

BUS 237 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Project Management Body Of Knowledge, Project Management Institute, Information Technology Management

Business Administration
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BUS 237
Maryam Ali

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Be more effective
Obtain equipment, services, systems
Integrate 2 depts. in a merger, and raise IT issues early
Understand needs of IT dept. for initiatives
Need to understand IT Dept. to:
Delivery of service, maintenance, protection, management of IT infrastructure
Large portion of IT operational budget
Attract specialists, strive to improve efficiency & security of production systems
Emphasis on stability, predictability, accountability, reliability, security
IT Operations
Well recognized, collection of books, provide framework of best practice approaches
to IT operations
Set of management procedures, designed to help businesses achieve value from IT
Information Technology Infrastructure Library
Renewal and adaptation of IT infrastructure
High profile & high cost changes
More contact with project stakeholders in other depts.
Funded outside of IT operations budget
People have broad skills, need to learn new technologies
Several different projects happen simultaneously, hectic
IT Projects
Provide project managers, sponsors, team leaders with accepted project management
techniques & practices
Offers certification
Developed by PMI (Project Management Institute)
Project Management Body Of Knowledge
*Although IT operations & projects are separate fields, they rely on each other for success;
need a balance between both
Company intranet, FAQ, web based forms for requesting services, web based
apps that help support tasks
Internal support
Chapter 10 Understanding the IT Dept.: Operations and Projects
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