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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 IS Strategy, Governance, & Ethics.pdf

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Business Administration
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BUS 237
Maryam Ali

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Chapter 9 IS Strategy, Governance, & Ethics July-11-12 2:49 PM Competitive Strategy • Developed after considering industry structure • Is supported through activities of the value chain, which consist of a collection of business processes, supported by IS's • Ideally, IS's should support competitive strategy • Management of IS's req's understanding both organizational strategy and technological architecture → sometimes mismanage → misalignment between IS and business strategy IT Architecture • Basic framework for all computers, systems, and info management that support organizational services. • Increasing complexity as more servicesare supported and different technology is used Enterprise Architect • Creates blueprint of organization's IS's and the management of them • Blueprint should provide an overview that helps people in the organization to better understand investments in technology and plan for changes • When planning, usually considers: ○ Organizational objectives ○ Business processes ○ Databases ○ Info flows ○ OS's ○ Applications & software ○ Supporting technology Zachman framework • Divides systems into 2 dimensions based on: ○ Reasons for communication  Who ─ people  What ─ data  When ─ time  Where ─ network  Why ─ motivation  How ─ function ○ Stakeholder groups  Planner  Owner  Designer  Builder  Implementer  Worker Worker Reach-Range framework • Reach ─ extent to which an organization is integrated • Range ─ type of functionality of applications IT Alignment • Process of matching organizational objectives with IT architecture • Ongoing process, a chllenge that continually evolves • Maintain balance between business objectives and It architecture • Degree to which the IT dept's missions, objectives, and plans overlapped with the overall business missions, objectives, and plans Difficulties • External ○ Globalization ─ heightened competitiveness, nature of work, heightened threat ○ Laws/Regulations ─ Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Budget Measures Act • Internal • Internal ○ Commoditization of IT ○ Declines in IT cost structures ○ IT infrastructure and IT operations are separate ○ IT management changes & turnover Successful alignment • Organizations need a climate supporting the sharing of domain knowledge and common business pract
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