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Chapter 10

BUS 272 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Organizational Culture, Mental Model, Jargon

Business Administration
Course Code
BUS 272
Lieketen Brummelhuis

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Bus 7 Chapter
What is it?
The pattern of shared values, beliefs and assumptions considered to be the
appropriate way to think and act within an organization
What we all think is the right way to behave
OC is
Taught to newcomers
Influence behavior and reinforced by behavior
7 dimensions of organizational culture
1. Innovation and risk
The degree to which employees are encouraged to be
innovative and take risks
focus of creativity ex: apple
2. Attention to detail
Degree to which employees are expected to work with
precision, analysis and attention to detail
Focus on precision and analysis ex: manufactures of
3. Outcome
Degree to which management focuses on results or outcomes
rather than techniques and processes used to achieve these
Focus on results and outcomes
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4. People orientation
Degree to which management decision take into
consideration the effect of outcomes on ppl within
Focus on people w/n orh
5. Team orientation
Degree to which work activities are organized around teams
rather than individuals
Focus on teams instead of individuals
6. Aggressiveness
Degree to which people are aggressive and competitive
rather than gasy going and supportive
Focus on competitive rather than easy going
7. Stability
Degree to which organizational activities emphasize
maintaining the status que in contrast to growth
Focus on status qou rather than growth
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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