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Chapter 4

BUS 272 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement

Business Administration
Course Code
BUS 272
Lieketen Brummelhuis

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BUS 272 – Case #4
Eldinn Ma
The initial step I would take when negotiating is to be bring up my main problem with
the offer, which is the low amount of vacation days. I would then address my current position to
the company; 21 paid vacation days. To justify this, I would implement interactive bargaining to
obtain a win-win situation by mentioning that should the company help decrease the risk of a
burnout, due to the amount of time I would have to dedicate inside the office and outside of the
office, I could ultimately work more effectively and efficiently in the long run. This way, both
the company and I could benefit in the end. After, I would follow up with my interests, which
would be to move into a managerial position and overlook a team of business analysts in the
future. Lastly, I would look at the BATNA’s from both sides. For myself, it would be to apply at
another company that can understand my need for more vacation days. As for the company’s
BATNA, it could be as simple as hiring a second choice candidate who is satisfied with what is
currently on the table.
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