BUS 303 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: John Dewey, Kazuo Ishiguro

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Ch. 5 – Defining Moments
- John Dewey: important ethical decision have 2 important aspects
 public side = what other ppl can observe
 private side = more subtle, involves ways in which ethical decisions form,
reveal & test the self
- defining moments surface sth hidden, give sharp clear view of sth previously
- defining moments compel ppl to arrange values in single file & reveal priorities
among them
 Stevens, choosing to remain at the conference rather than be at his dying
father’s side, showed that he cared first about his professional duties
 but reveals his rationale for his values, he did what he believes his father
would have wished him to do
- a choice may reveal little to others but a great deal to the person who makes it
 these moments private & personal
- other times, a choice can reveal more to others if they are careful & observant
- defining moments need not take place in a moment/brief episode
- what is revealed in defining moment is rarely a startling new facet of indiv’s
- defining moments reveal by crystallizing
 sharper, more vivid, more intensified versions of what a person has been
revealing, usu in small ways, almost everyday
- reveals as much about a person’s past as it does about a present choice
 ppl can reveal who they are & what they care about only if they are already
- defining moments deeply personal yet profoundly social/political
 open windows on indiv’s lives & experiences and on values of communities
in which they lived
- defining moments indicate whether someone is really committed to particular
values or only gives lip service
- right vs. right choices particularly demanding b/c ppl must choose b/t 2+ values to
which they are deeply & genuinely committed
- Stevens faced professional & personal challenge that many managers can
 “We are all butlers.” – Kazuo Ishiguro
- some of this shaping involves uneventful, minor decisions/actions
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