BUS 303 Chapter 9: Ch. 9 Notes

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Ch. 9 – A Space of Quiet
- managers often have little opportunity to step back & reflect on complex issues
- turned to Stoicism
- Stoics sought comfort in divine providence, prized virtue & reason, sough
liberation from passions, tried not to concern themselves w/ matter they could not
- first lesson Marcus suggests for manager
- focus on not working
- slow down & step back, withdraw & reflect
- believed serenity could protect him from hazard of over-immersion, losing himself
& his bearings in unending stream of life’s tasks
- renew yourself to live life better
 understand responsibilities & prepare to meet them (psychologically,
emotionally, spiritually)
- moments of serenity & reflection should be used as prep for tasks of everyday life
& work & for “defining moments”
- searched for lived truths, ethical standards validated in everyday life, & virtues
forged in life’s crucibles
- observe lives, efforts & experience of ppl around them
- look beyond questions & search for answers in form of rich, detailed stories of
actual managers, their dilemmas & choices & consequences of their action
- important to reflect on meaning of particular decisions for managers
- valuable to look up from urgent tasks of the moment & place them in larger context
of the life you want to live
- Marcus does not simply describe ppl her admired & vow to live his life as they did
 praises each of them for particular aspects of their lives & personalities
 picks & chooses, admiring particular ppl for particular virtues, skills, traits
- reasons for Marcus’ selective approach
1. thought about ppl he knew well
2.understood unpredictability of life & strong likelihood that he would face
decisions/situations ppl in his life had not encountered
 focused on navigation devices (i.e. traits that guided them) rather
than on maps his guiding figures followed
3. wanted to live his own life & not replicate someone else’s
- imagined best life = image of life you want to live
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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