BUS 303 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Kondiaronk, Friedrich Nietzsche

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Ch. 7 – Truth is a Process
- William James help found & popularize school of thought called pragmatism
 we see facts thru our own interpretive lenses
 “All our formulas have a human twist.”
- James: successful & victorious ideas are the ones that work
- 3 characteristics of true ideas
1) have cash-value in experiential terms & are profitable to our lives
 beneficial, not dollars & cents
2) can be grafted onto ideas we already hold to be true w/o causing much disturbance
3) down to earth, not esoteric
 practical in ppl’s lives, can be realized & implemented
- Peter Adario could have used terms like “balanced life” or “time for recharging” towards the single
employees so they could understand “work-family” better
- James: calling for acts of creativity, insight, & skill that enable a manager to express ideals & values in
ways that resonate w/ experience, needs & values of the ppl he/she manages
 requires you to look beyond “the facts” and discern what they mean to others
- James: “The truth of an idea is not a stagnant property inherent in it. Truth happens to an idea. It
becomes true, is made true by events. Its verity is in fact an event, a process.”
- Adario should have started his work-family campaign long before Kathryn McNeil was hired & took
more tangible steps to instill it once she started working
 didn’t realize that a defining moment is only 1 step in a long & complex process
- Mach: contests of interpretation can be power struggles
 victorious interpretation can determine not just the values of a company, but bonuses,
promotions & careers
- Machiavelli condemned leaders who sought to live in “imaginary worlds” of ethical aspirations, while
failing to take action in this world
- Nietzsche: “will to power” fueled ppl’s motives & shaped their interpretations of events
- from Nietzsche’s perspective, Adario’s failure was actually an opportunity for learning & personal
 “What does not kill me makes me stronger”
- Adario realized he needed to get his hands dirty
 thinking & acting more shrewdly & realistically, so that he & ppl who relied on him would not go
out on a limb & ignore sawing noises behind them
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