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Chapter 12

BUS 343 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Integrated Marketing Communications, Database Marketing, Marketing Communications

Business Administration
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BUS 343
Jason Ho

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Chapter 12: Integrated Marketing
Tailoring Marketing Communication to Customers
To reach consumers, it is essential to get to know them and to talk their language
Promotion the coordination of a marketers communication efforts to influence
attitudes or behaviour toward a product or service
oImplies one way (asymmetrical) conversation from marketer to customer
Consumers expect to enter into a dialogue with an organization to be informed, not
manipulated, and to be assisted in making decisions, not sold
Marketing Communications informing consumers and customer about the relative
value of products, and developing trust and other relational bonds that facilitate ongoing
exchange relationships
Two way (symmetrical) approaches to communication strategies help build better
oMore balance in relationship, consequently greater commitment to brands and
companies on the part of consumers and customers that usually results in
greater long-term profitability
Communication is intended to accomplish specific goals
oInform consumers about new goods and services, and where they can be
oRemind consumers to continue using products
oPersuade consumers to choose one product over others
oCreate complex brand images and identifies in the minds of consumers
oBuild relationships with consumers
Integrated Marketing Communications
Coordinating Communication Messages
Integrated marketing communications (IMC) IMC is the practice of unifying all
marketing communication tools and corporate and brand message to communication in
a consistent way to and with stakeholder audiences
Rated most important factor in marketing strategy
Recognizes that customers absorb information about a product or an organization from
many sources
Takes the recipients perspective then ensure that each of these exposures
communicates the desired message and elicits the intended response

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IMC includes sources of planned and unplanned messages as well as marketing mix
IMC approach, marketers plan and then execute marketing communication programs
that create and maintain long term relationships with customers by satisfying customer
Successful IMC approach requires company-wide commitment from CEO down to
putting the customer first and communicating interactively
Consumers are less likely to be influenced by any single marketer generated message
oTechnology gives customers the ability to communicate among themselves about
products and companies and even to view ads on the internet and TV at their
Characteristics of IMC
IMC creates a Single Unified Voice
Consumers may be confused through different messages sent about a same product
IMC program focus on all communication elements creating a single and powerful brand
IMC also considers less obvious forms of communication
oWay company personnel talk on the phone
oUniform etc.
IMC begins with the Customer
Customer is primary focus, not the goals of the company or the creative genius of the
communication specialist
Goal of IMC is to provide the information customer want when they want it, where they
want it, and in the amount needed
IMC Seeks to Develop Relationships with Customer
Marketers must continuously communicate with each customer or else risk losing to
IMC firms measure their success by share of customer, not share of market and by the
lifetime value of a customer
Prioritizing customers so that greater resources go to communicating with high-value
buyers or clients
Often rely on CRM programs to deliver unique message to each customer that build
IMC Involves Two-way Communication

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Impersonal communication in s highly ineffective at building long-term relationships with
Marketers seek first to learn what information customers have and what additional
information they want and then develop communication tactics that let them share
information with their customers
IMC Focuses on Stakeholders, Not Just Customers
Consumers and prospective customers dont learn a company and its products just from
the firm, also from other stakeholders such as government, mass media, neighbour etc.
Significantly influence customers attitudes and behaviours
IMC Generates a Continuous Stream of Communication
Tactics using many different elements of the communication
Provide continuous stream of communication ensures that customers receive information
on a regular basis and in the right amount
IMC Measures results based on Actual Feedback
Suggest only adequate measure of a promotional campaigns effectiveness is to
evaluate the marketing ROI
Most firms are seeking measure of accountability for their communication budgets and
demand results
IMC and Database Marketing
Key characteristic of IMC is to use database in building relationships with consumers
Database marketing the creation of an ongoing relationship with a set of customers
who have an identifiable interest in a good or service and whose responses to
promotional efforts become part of future communication attempts
Database marketing
oCan identify different types of users (heavy or light)
oDetermine what type of customer accounts for their greatest sales and their
greatest profit
oCreate one to one communication with their target markets
Database marketing is interactive:
oInteractive marketing a promotion practice in which customized marketing
communications elicit a measurable response from individual receives
Database marketing builds relationships
oThe best predictor of who will buy a product is knowing who bought it in the past
oCan tailor promotional strategies to each customer
Database marketing locates new customer
oCan create new customers by focusing communications on likely prospects with
characteristics similar to current users
Database marketing stimulates cross selling
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