BUS 360W Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Master Sergeant

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Module 2 – Adapting Your Messages to Your Audience
- initial audience = receives message first & routes it to other audiences
- primary audience = decides whether/not to act on message
- secondary audience = asked to comment on message/implement ideas after
 i.e. lawyers & researchers who may use msg as evidence of org’s culture &
- gatekeeper = has power to stop msg before gets to primary audience
- watchdog audience = has political/social/economic power
 i.e. media, BoD, unions, etc
 pays close attention to communication b/t you & primary audience, may
base future actions of evaluation of your msg
- miscommunication occurs frequently b/c every indiv makes meaning using diff
frames of reference
- successful communication is always audience-focused
- pertinent info about your audience:
 knowledge about your topic
 preface statements w/ “as you may know”, “as we’ve discussed”, or
a similar phrase
 always spell out acronyms the first time you use them
 provide brief definitions in text: “the principal (money you have
 demographic factors
 personality
 attitudes, values, beliefs
 psychographic charac: knowing what your audience finds important
allows you to organize info in a way that seems natural to them &
choose appeals that they will find persuasive
 geo-demographic charac: our shopping habits shaped by enviro &
desire to belong
 past behaviour
 we can analyze & predict ppl’s future actions based on past
 more recent the behaviour, more accurate the prediction
- discourse communities = personal/social/religious/political/class groups in which
ppl belong
 members create affiliation, rules, norms thru accepted verbal & non-verbal
symbols (discourse)
- use audience analysis to plan strategy, organization, style, document design &
 strategy
 choose appeals & reader benefits that work for specific audience
 anticipate & overcome objections
 organization
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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