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Chapter 3

BUS 381 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Job Analysis, Job Enrichment, Industrial Engineering

Business Administration
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BUS 381
Melissa Mc Crae

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An organization consists of one or more employees who perform various tasks. The relationships
between people and tasks must be structured in such a way that the organization can achieve its
goals in an efficient and effective manner
Organizational structure
The formal relationships among jobs in an organization
Organization chart
A snapshot of the firm at a particular point in time, depicting the organization’s structure in chart
Bureaucratic organizations
Top-down management approach
Many levels, and hierarchical communication channels and career paths
Highly specialized jobs with narrowly defined job descriptions
Focus on independent performance
Flat organizations
Decentralized management approach
Few levels and multi-directional communication
Broadly defined jobs with general job descriptions
Emphasis on teams and customer service
Boundaryless organizations
Barriers between the company, and its suppliers, customers, or competitors are broken
down so that products and service can be efficiently and effectively delivered
Emphasis on teams whose members may cross organizational boundaries
Work Teams
Better quality products and service
Decreased employment turnover and absenteeism
Greater sense of employee commitment and accomplishment
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