BUS 381 Chapter Notes - Chapter 15: Social Change, Unemployment Benefits, Closed-Circuit Television

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Chapter 15
- A positive, fulfilling, work-related state of mine characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption
- It is a heightened emotional and intellegual connection that an employee has for the job, organization,
manager, or coworker that in turn influences the employee to apply additional discretionary effort
- Engaged employees feel a vested interest on the company’s success and are both willing and motivated
to perform to levels that exceed the stated job requirement.
Drivers of Engagement
- Organizational factors such as senior leadership, opportunities for learning and development, and
company image and reputation are the primary influencers of engagement.
- Employees need their senior leaders to demonstrate inspiration, vision and commitment
- Employees have a strong desire to learn and grow
- Employees want to work for company with a good reputation, which is seen as a leader,, and which
strives for excellence.
Suggestion Programs: (Upward, making sure employees can be heard from manager)
- Employers can often offer well-informed, thoughtful, and creative suggestions regarding issues ranging
from malfunctioning vending machines to unlit parking lots to a manager’s spending too much of the
department’s money on travel.
- Benefits: let management continually monitor employees’ feelings and concerns, they make it clear that
employees have several channels through which to communicate concerns and get responses, and the net
effect is that there is less likelihood that small problems will grow into big ones.
Employee opinion Surveys (upward)
- Communication devices that use questionnaires to ask for employees’ opinions about the company,
management and work life.
- Employee Feedback System (EFS) has been developed by the National Quality Institution and the
Workplace Health Research Unit at Brock University. It examines 16 areas from job satisfaction and co-
worker cohesion to quality focus and employee commitment
- A blogging policy is recommended by legal experts and should include directions to refrain from
disclosing any confidential company information or embarrassing or demeaning informationabout the
company and its employees
Communication from management (downward)
- Traditionally, newsletters and verbal presentations were the methods used to disseminate information
from the company to the employees.
- More recently, organizations have utilized videos, email, and intranets. Blogs can also used by senior
managers to connect with employees
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