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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Managing Your Legal Affairs

Business Administration
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BUS 393
Richard Yates

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Chapter 1 – Managing Your Legal Affairs
Becoming a Sophisticated Client
Sophisticated – confident, knowledgeable, up-to-date, understands the role of
lawyer/client, knows when to represent herself, when to hire a lawyer, how to
hire a lawyer, and how to complain about her lawyer
Good business decisions cannot be made without considering appropriate
The Role of the Lawyer
Client is the decision-maker, lawyer is just an expert to consult to obtain legal
When to Hire a Lawyer
Starting a business:
oType of business – sole
oPurchase of a business
oRelevant laws?
oLease contracts
oFinance contracts
oOther contracts: employees, suppliers, customers
oIntellectual property issues
oSelling the business
When to Represent Yourself
Not always necessary to have a lawyer – consider time, costs, and complexity
Abundance of legal information online, if you can find/understand all relevant
When risk/cost of making the wrong decision is low
Small claims can usually be done without a lawyer
Best to retain counsel for criminal charges
Reducing Risk
Legal information is necessary in order to make sound business decisions
How to Find a Good (Appropriate) Lawyer
Phone book
Referrals (someone with good judgment, similar case matter)
Provincial law society (B.C. - Canadian Bar Association)
oLawyer Referral Service –provide names/numbers free of charge
oInitial consultation, $25 for 30 mins.
oRelationship should be built on mutual trust
oRetaining a lawyer when setting up business has advantages:
She will know/understand you and your business
She can customize her legal advice
You will be her client, receive priority
Be more comfortable with her to call and ask for legal advice
Legal Aid
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