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BUS 448 Chapter Notes -Integrated Marketing Communications, Creative Director, Brand Management

Business Administration
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BUS 448
Anjali S Bal

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CH2. Organizing for Integrated
Marketing Communications
Organizing for Advertising and Promotion in the Firm
The Centralized System where the advertising manager controls the entire promotions operation,
including budgeting, coordinating the creation and production of ads, planning media schedules, and
monitoring and administering the sales promotions program for all the companyʼs product and services.
Advertising Manager responsible for all promotions activities except sales
Planning and budgeting - advertising department can develop the promotional budget, but the final
decision is made by top management.
Administration and Execution - organize advertising department and supervise and control its
Coordination with Other Departments - Marketing research, sales, to determine emphasis of
communications and profiles of users. Preparing materials for the sales force.
Coordination with Outside Agencies and Services - media buying services t place ads, collateral
service agencies to develop material. Department serves as liaison between company and outside
service providers. Centralized = facilitates communication, few divisions, product, service lines, brands
to advertise. More power in participating in decision making. efficiency with fewer people involved.
The Decentralized System where there are separate manufacturing, research and development, sales,
and marketing departments for various divisions, product lines, or businesses.
+ each brand receives concentrated managerial attention
faster response to problems & opportunities
more flexible, easier to adjust program /schedules
- lack training and experience
may focus on short-run planning & administrative tasks rather than long-term programs.
unproductive rivalries
potential misallocation of funds
persuasiveness a factor in budgeting
lack of authority to implement and control plans they develop
Brand manager responsible for the total management of the brand, including planning, budgeting, sales,
and profit performance. Supported by Marketing services department.
Category Management System category managers as well as brand and advertising managers.
Category manager oversees management of the entire product category and focuses on the strategic role
of the various brands to build profits and market share.
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Advertising Agency Decision
in-house agency an advertising agency that is set up, owned, and operated by the advertiser.
+ reduce advertising and promotions costs
time savings
bad experiences with outside agencies
increased knowledge and understanding of market
tighter control over process
easily coordinate promotions with firmʼs overall marketing program
Advertising Agency Option used to assist in developing, preparing, and executing promotional
experience and objectivity of an outside agency
range of services
highly skilled specialists
attract best creative talent
varied perspective on advertising problems
greater flexibility to be dismissed if not satisfactory
variety of people with different backgrounds and ideas
Staff: artists, writers, media analysts, researchers
Superagencies formed through mergers or alliances or acquisitions so that agencies could provide
clients with integrated marketing communications services worldwide.
international communications capabilities
to offer a broader range of integrated marketing communication services
access to a network of agencies around the world
Full-service agency offers a full range of services composed of different departments
promotions services
producing the advertising
performing research
selecting media
strategic market planning
sales promotions
direct marketing
interactive capabilities
package design
public relations
Account Services link between the ad agency and its client. Account executive is responsible for
understanding advertiserʼs marketing and promotions needs and interpreting them to agency personnel.
coordinates agency efforts in planning, creating and producing ads
presents recommendations and obtain client approval
Marketing Services
Research Department functions to gather, analyze, and interpret information that will be useful in
developing advertising for clients.
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