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Chapter 5

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Business Administration
BUS 237
Zorana Svedic

Bus 237 Management Information Systems Chapter 5 Chapter 5: Database and Content Management Intellectual property A form of creative endeavor that can be protected through a trademark, patent, copyright, industrial design, or integrated circuit topography. Content management systems (CMSs) An information system that tracks organizational documents, webpages, graphics, and related materials. Database A self-describing collection of integrated records A character of data Byte Columns, Fields Also called fields, or groups of bytes. A database table has multiple columns that are used to represent the attributes of an entity. Eg. PartNumber, EmployeeName, and SalesDate Rows, Records Also called records, groups of columns in a database table Table, File Also called a file, a group of similar rows or records in a database Key A column or group of columns that identifies a unique row in a table Foreign keys A column or group of columns used to represent relationships. Values of the foreign key match values of the primary key in a different (foreign) table Relational databases Databases that carry their data in the form of tables and that represent relationships using foreign keys Relation The more formal name for a database table Metadata Data that describe data Applications, having the standard five Database application system components, that make database data more accessible and useful. Users employ a database application that consists of forms, formatted reports, queries, and application programs. Each of these, in turn, calls on the database management system (DBMS) to process the database tables Database management system (DBMS) A program used to create, process, and administer a database DB2 A popular, enterprise-class DBMS product from IBM Bus 237
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