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Chapter 7

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Simon Fraser University
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BUS 237
Zorana Svedic

Bus 237 Management Information Systems Chapter 7 Chapter 7: Competitive Advantage and Business Process Functional systems The second era of IS. The goal of such systems was to facilitate the work of a single department or function. Over time, in each functional area, companies added features and functions to encompass more activities and to provide more value and assistance Functional silos An organizational area (such as marketing or finance) that operates without considering other organizational areas Cross-departmental/functional systems The third type of computing systems. In this type, systems are designed not to facilitate the work of a single department or function, but, rather, to integrate the activities of a complete business Interorganizational systems IS processing of routine transactions between two or more organizations Business process design The creation of new, usually cross-departmental business practices during IS development. With process design, organizations do not create new IS to automate existing business practices. Rather, they use technology to enable new, more efficient business processes Enterprise application integration (EAI) An approach to combining functional systems, which uses layers of software as a bridge to connect different functional systems toge
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