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Unit 6 - Textbook Notes

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Business Administration
BUS 237
Kamal Masri

Unit 6 Networks and CollaborationWhy should I care about Networks Networks and collaboration Collaboration occurs when two or more people work together to achieve a common goal result or productInvolves coordination and communication and often makes use of computer networksThe effective of a collaborative effort is driven by four critical factors 1 Communication skills and cultureoften the key to effective collaborative effortAbility to be a part of a group and to give and receive critical feedback is particularly important for employersCommunication skillsmost important skill they are looking for in a potential employeeThe product of any group effort can improve only when group members feel that they can openly share and contribute ideasGroup members need to be able to constructively criticize each others work without creating rancour and resentment in the groupimprove their contributions based upon that criticism 2 Communication systemsFew collaborative meetings are conducted exclusively face to faceGroup members may be geographically distributedthus the availability of email virtual private networks instant messaging and more sophisticated communications systems is crucialDependent on the network technology available in an organization 3 Content managementDatabases and content management systems help to make sure conflicts are handled correctlyImportant to know who made what changes when and whyContent management systems track and report this dataSome team members have full permissions to create edit and delete contentOthers are restricted to edit that contentand others are restricted to readonly statusInformation systems and database management systems play a key role in enforcing such restrictions 4 Workflow controlA process or procedure by which content is created edited used and disposedConcept of workflow is very close to the concept of a business process
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