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BUS 237 Chapter 1 Notes Information system  Definition: 5 components that interact with each other to produce information o Five-component framework: computer hardware, software, data, procedure, and people that brings people and info together  Software refers only to programs (applications)  People are often the most important part of an info system, info systems are not just computers and data o Often when we give different people the same system, they would use it differently  Computer based info system: when a info system must include computers Management information system (MIS)  The development and use of info systems that help businesses achieve their goals  Development and Use of info system o Info system must be constructed but who constructed them? o What roles will the people who will use it play in its development? o We needs to take active roles in the system development to meet our needs o We also play important roles in the use of info system to achieve our goals o We are concerned with the security, back up and restore of the system  Achieving business goals and objectives o Business itself is not alive, so we need people to operate it the system o Company can be more “modern” and “new economic” through system use o What is the purpose of the website/system? o What is going to do for us? o Are the cost of the website sufficiently offset by the benefits?  The difference between IT and IS BUS 237 Chapter 1 Notes o Information technology: raw technology (hardware, software and data), methods, standards, inventions, and products. People are not involved o IT is not useful until it is combined with the people in IS to help business achieve their goals (IS includes IT) o People in IS make a big difference because the design and development of the systems are tailored for people us  IS and our economy o Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector is important because it provide products and services to make sure that
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