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Chapter 6

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Business Administration
BUS 237
Maryam Ali

Chapter 6 Networks and Collaboration June-14-12 9:32 PM Collaboration Effectiveness driven by: • Communication skills and culture • Communication systems • Content management • Workflow control - a business process, but for internal use Network externality- the larger the network, the more valuable it is Critical mass: value of being part of network > cost of being on network Networks - signals move through transmission media • LAN - one small location • WAN - connect several separate locations • internet - network of networks Protocol - set of rules that communicating devices follow LAN • connect through a switch (like an operator) • NIC - network interface card, connects to network by implementing proper protocols ○ MAC - media access control address, unique identifier for each NIC • UTP - unshielded twisted pair cable, connect to switch • optical fibre cables - light ray signals, for longer distances or heavy traffic The Ethernet Protocol (IEEE 802.3) • most popular • most computers equipped with onboard NIC which support 10/100/1000 Ethernet ○ speed of transmission allowed Wireless LAN • needs a wireless NIC (WNIC) • devices need AP (access points) to connect to switch WAN Router • implement protocol of WANs ISP - internet service provider • provides computer with an address (IP) • gateway to internet • messenger of info between internet and computer • pay for internet Web, subset of Internet • http - hypertext transfer protocol • browsers - implement http protocol • URL - uniform resource locator, address on internet for people to remember IP address • public used by Internet • private used by private networks and internets • DHCP, dynamic host configuration protocol, helps request a temp IP DNS - domain name system, convert IP addresses to URLs vice versa Home connections • convert to analog signal to send, converted by modem • Dial-up modem, phone line, can't use phone • DSL modem - digital subscriber modem, phone lines, don't interfere with phone, maintain connection ○ ADSL - asymmetric, dl speed faster than upload ○ SDSL - symmetric, dl and upload same speed • Cable modem - high speed, tv lines • bro
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