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Chapter 5

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Maryam Ali

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Chapter 5 Database & Content Management June-05-12 2:27 PM Content • Intellectual property,form of creative endeavour that can be protected through a trademark, patent, copyright, industrial design, or integrated circuit topography • Varies by industry • Problem is managing content, collecting, distribution, and presentation Organisation • Management ○ Database Management System (DBMS) • Presentation ○ Content Management System (CMS) • Challenges ○ Processing and storing the right content ○ Getting the right content to the right person in the right format at the right time Purpose • Keep track of things ○ e.g. use spreadsheet • Spreadsheet keep track of list with one concept/theme • Database keep track of list with more than one concept/theme Database  Self describing collection of integrated records Byte • One character of data Grouping • Table/file ○ Group of Similar rows/records • Columns/Fields • Rows/Records ○ Master ─ represent status of business ○ Transaction ─ represent an event/changein business Relationships • Key ○ Group of columns that identifies a unique row • Foreign key ○ Key of another table, not the one currently viewed ○ Relational database, use foreign keys Metadata • Data that describe the data • Makes data moreuseful,
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