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Chapter 3

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BUS 237
Maryam Ali

Chapter 3 Strategy, Info Systems, Competitive Advantage May-23-12 1:52 PM Productivity Paradox  It was observed that IT had no impact on productivity, however businesses still invested in it. Business Value • Tangible benefits for organizations Measurement error • Economybecoming increasingly service-based,hard to measure productivity • Invisible/intangible benefits associated with IT Realisation of IT Value 1. Productivity ─ is the firm more efficient and effective?Better/fasteroutput? 2. Structure of Competition ─ change nature of competitionof industry 3. Benefits to end customer ─ cheaper, better goods/services Investment of IT • Can't invest in "technologyfor technology's sake" • Need to understand the business value they are seeking and how IT can help secure it • Needs knowledge of IT and business, ∴organisations value these people EfficiencyVS. Effectiveness • Need a balance • "doing the right things & doing things right" Value Chain • network of activities,improve effectiveness/valueof good/service • Margin ─ difference between price consumer willing to pay & cost of good through chain • Primary activities─ value added directly • Support Activities ─ support primary, add value indirectly • Info systems increase productivity through developmentof efficient/effectivesupport activities, new/improvedservices Industry Structure & Organisation Strategy • Five Forces Model ○ Porter, used to assess industry structure ○ 5 forces determine ind
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