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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Acquiring Info Systems Through Projects.pdf

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Business Administration
BUS 237
Maryam Ali

Chapter 11 Acquiring Info Systems Through Projects August-03-12 9:59 PM Acquisition of IS • Options ○ Buy and use as is ○ Buy and customize  most common ○ Rent/Lease ○ Build it • Not only buying software, also integratingit • Even if software is free, there is the cost of integratingit • Commercial/customizedof the self software IT Projects “Temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product/service/result” -PMBOK • Begin with set of goals/objectives, determine scope, have start and end dates, accomplish somethingnew • Information technology project management (ITPM) ○ Collection of techniques and methods that project managers use to plan, coordinate, complete IT projects ○ 5 process groups: group activities that overlap and occur throughoutproject  initiating  planning  executing  executing  controlling  monitoring  closing ○ 9 project knowledge areas  Integration management  Scope “  Time “  Cost “  Quality “  HR “  Communications “  Risk “  Procurement “ • Project Management Professionals (PMPs) ○ Certification of project management skills ○ Global institute, over 260,000 certified ○ Key skill for successful management is communication • Organizationsneed to improve skill of adaptingto changing conditions Risks • IT projects face significant risk • Definitionsare hard to represent graphically • Lack of a good model • Hard to produce good estimates • Hard to monitor progress • Lack of experience, support, and participation • Unclear and uncertain project requirements • High level of technical complexity • Size of project • Some spend too much money and feel that they’re in too deep, and can’t stop, or have emotional attachmentsto projects emotional attachmentsto projects Systems Analysis & Design • Process of creating & maintaining IS’s • Require both technical and non-technical skills • Systems Development ○ Not exclusively technical task, requires some business knowledge ○ SDLC, Agile methods • Employers looking for employees who have knowledge and skills to innovate through IT SDLC Systems Development Life Cycle • Classic process to acquire IS’s • Common processes have 8, 7, 5 phases Five Phase Process 1. System definition a. Define system goals and scope b. Assess feasibility i. 4 dimensions: cost, schedule, technical, organizational ii. Technical: will the existing IT be able to meet the needs of the new system ii. Technical: will the existing IT be able to meet the needs of the new system iii. Organizational: will the new system fit with organizational customs, goals, culture,
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